Amazon Dropshipping Expert

Our company offers a variety of useful tools and services to optimize your Amazon Amazon Business  with our Amazon Dropshipping Expert Team you will be able to accurately analyze your sales as well as control and compare your income for every product with E-solution wizard, now you can easily manage thousands of items and analyze ROI in real time!

E-solution wizard has offered E-commerce services on different e-commerce portals that allows you to accelerate your online business success, Walmart, e-Bay, Flipkart.

we are Amazon Dropshipping Expert, and can help you with everything related to E-commerce.


(Seller Reinstatement Expert)

Mr. Deepesh is one of the world’s leading e-commerce service expert, best known for Seller reinstatement, Branding and Seller Onboarding on different marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, ebay, etc. to grow their e-commerce businesses many fold through his expertise.

His proprietary experience of working in Amazon.com as an employee initially combines a high level knowledge of The policies on Amazon and other marketplaces with expert  harness the latest understanding of human performance to deliver industry leading business results.


(Amazon Dropshipping Expert)

Mr. Shabbir is working with E-commerce since 2015, Started career with website development as front end and back end, made number of eCommerce websites which gave the basic foundation of the eCommerce platform for product listing, mapping and price adjustment.

Later move to Digital marketing and had setup Brands on eBay, Amazon and Shopify and walmart. Later pursed expertise in product hunting, listing, manage amazon seller central, managing PPC campaigns,  Amazon & Walmart Dropshipping business.

Amazon dropshipping expert


Empowering e-commerce sellers and bringing their business to the real time success

The Team

Meet Our experts

We are here with a team of E-commerce Account Managers, PPC Campaign Creators, Reinstatement Experts,, Catalogue Designers, Training Managers to save Client’s time, Money, Resources. We are working efficiently to improve the visibility and workflows of the brands. Our tools & services meet the highest technology standards available on the market today. Regardless of tools or our works, our clients can take prompt action at any time, in any place.

Manager of operations

Anisha Rathore

Anisha Rathore is an operational manager of the company. She is professional and very organized with regard to the duties and tasks in daily operations in the company. Her qualities and skills are geared up towards becoming a very productive and competent operations manager.


Hrithik rathore

Hrithik Rathore is a professional and competent photographer. He is the senior editor of the company having the expertise of excellent technical skills, using digital and non-digital cameras and industry-standard software such as Photoshop with creativity and having an eye for a picture.



Aman Agrawal is a high profile salesperson and skillful sales captain of his team. He manages a potential team in sales to get a high volume of productivity in the business. He is very efficient in representation of our services and he has the expertise of handling big clients.


Sharad Lodhi

Sharad Lodhi is working as a Cataloguing Expert in the company. He is a professional and competent enough with his duties and daily tasks. His duties includes Optimized Cataloguing management with his team. His skills and qualities make him fit for his designation in the company.



Arsal is working as Digital marketing expert and his responsibilities are to manage all the staff to well-train professionals in product hunting to overall account management. He has good communication skills to handle the CRM of company. His expertise are asset for the company.

Graphic Designer

Naqeeb Khan

Naqeeb is graphic designer and has been working since 2014 with graphic designing. His artistic touch to images plays important part/ His work is to optimize the images and make them more attractive. Her piece of work always genuine and authentic plays a very important role in our organization.

Is Dropshipping Profitable?


When you try a business like that you haven’t backtested before or seen your friends doing it, it’s normal to be uncertain regarding the profits.

However, people are indeed making millions by dropshipping. It’s also true that 95% of people drain their money in dropshipping hoping for a quick success and don’t get the profit they expected.

Who We Are? and What We Do?

We are Deepesh and Sammy. Experts in our field of e-commerce and passionate for , Seller Reinstatement and Drop-shipping.

We work as a team and combine our talents so we can be of a great service to you.